How to Get Paid for Your iPad Photos?

The saying goes: if you get paid for a hobby, interest or anything you love doing in your spare time.  These are the top businesses to be in, because you are passionate about your subject and would do it even if you wasn’t getting paid.

These days taking photos with your iPhone or iPad is the normal daily pastime,  the subjects can be unlimited. But you’ll  be surprised to know that there are companies who are currently looking for members who want to sell their photos.

I’m sure you’ll agree: It’s a no brainer to get paid for something you’re already doing anyway.  If you’re interested, register here now because spaces are filling

You only have to take and submit at least 10-50 photos a week and allow your photos to be used for websites, catalogs, books, magazines and ads to get paid.

P.S. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get started if you meet ithese criteria?

– Have a digital camera or a smartphone

– Want to get paid to take photography pictures

– Able to work (full or part time)

If you answered YES to the above, then you would be suitable to start getting paid to take photos!

If you’re interested, register here now as spaces are filling.

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